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Friday, August 2, 2013

She is 17

What do 17 year-old girls ask for for their birthday?  A compound bow?  What?!
Well, that's what my girl wanted.  Her Daddy couldn't be happier about it either.

 So happy in fact, that he gave it to her a couple a days early.  We went over to mom's so she could fire away at a big round bale of hay.
 Wednesday night, we took her to the Fin, Feather and Fur Outfitters to sight in the bow and get some new arrows.  She was so excited that the man there hooked her up with a few used parts free of charge.
She's a pretty good shot too.  So good in fact that Kyle challenged the Tompot boys to a archery contest.  Look out Colton you might get beat by a girl!

Happy 17th Birthday Kayla, can't believe your a senior.


  1. Happy birthday Kayla! I think a bow is perfect! I love archery too..in fact, I might be better than the Tompots! Enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday!! Love her idea for a gift. She would fit in Just fine with my group. She could probably show them a thing or too.

  3. Looks like fun! Happy Birthday, Kayla. :)

  4. What an amazing young woman your daughter is! Must be because of her amazing mom. :-)