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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend

This is what my classroom looks like before the students come. It's quiet and sirene and actually a lot of learning is going even though they aren't there. The teacher had to know all about the subjects she is preparing for. This is what was going on for several hours on Saturday. I was getting ready for parent teacher conferences and getting ready for the next grading period. With teaching another grade level this year it takes a lot of preparation because every lesson is a new lesson. Where when I've taught before I know what worked and what needed to be better. So several hours go into good lessons.

My work stations where all the business happens. Who knew that you would have to be technologically savvy to teach. The sad story is my students always know how to fix things when I don't.

We got a good start on our leaf raking ritual for the year. Most of the leaves are down in the front of the house. It's amazing to me the amount of leaves we have for a little piece of property.
Kyle and kota had it all figured out. If you pull the trailer into the leaf pile, all you have to do is rake them in. We got two full trailer loads out before Kyle got called out to work for the whole afternoon. (Oh well, overtime just in time for Christmas gifts.)
The last few leaves still hanging on in the front of the house.
Kyle had a great find while he was raking. Gross!

We took turns with the leaf blower. What a great invention. It's kind of fun too. It felt like I had the power of the wind and could coax those leaves where ever I wanted them to be.

Whew, what a pile. Our yearly ritual is daunting, but it always is fun working together to get the project done. Fall is still my favorite season. I enjoy these cool, crisp days of wearing sweatshirts and jeans. I would enjoy this weather all year long.
We topped off the busy day with the teens going off to the Halloween Dance at the Akron Chapel. They dressed up at a lumberjack and a gypsy. (you never know where they are going to get inspiration from.) Sister Putzig took the kids up so Kyle and I got to have a date. We needed one. We went out to Dorlo Pizza and stopped at Buehler's for some ice cream for dessert. We picked up a Ironman 2 and watched a movie. It was a relaxing way to end our busy day!
Happy Halloween to all of us!

Friday, October 29, 2010

WCAL Champs!

2010 Champs

Final Score
What a great game we watched tonight! The boys played hard. They started with a TD in the first 3 minutes and never lost the lead. We had a rollercoaster of a last 5 minutes where it was possible for the Norwayne Bobcats to tie us at 21 points, but a turnover allowed us to keep our lead.
This was our first league championship since Hillsdale joined the WCAL (Wayne County Athletic League) in the early 1970s. I'm so glad Dakota gets these memories for his hard work since June. Although he was not playing tonight, he was on the lines all geared up and cheering on his team mates.
The stands were packed. People actually were coming as early as Monday to tape plastic to the bleachers to save the seats they wanted. The 50/50 ticket winner took home $450. It is usually around $150. It was amazing to see the turnout from the community.
So all in all, it was a great season! WE ARE THE FALCONS! THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY, FALCONS!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Somedays I don't know what happens between waking up and going to bed. It seems the day goes by in a blur. Sometimes it's the whole week that goes like this. It seems like I hop from duty to duty and don't get to complete any of them well. This whole school year seems to be going like this. I have a revolving door of students, meeting then I rush to teenage activities, oh and don't mention church and home duties in between. The only bummer to this schedule is my kids keep getting older. I'm so worried about being a mother to adult children. I guess I have a couple of years to worry, but it hits me like a brick wall every once in awhile. This hectic week is one of those brick walls.
Friday Night Lights
Falcon Varsity vs. Ritman Indians
Kayla's concert at Jeromesville Lutheran Church 10/26/2010

Sunday: Church, Calling duties, Birthday Party
Monday: Football Practice, Get ready for a Sub at School
Tuesday: All Day Meeting, Choir Concert
Wednesday: Catch up from a Sub, RTI Committee Meeting Before School, Parent Meeting Afterschool, Football Team Dinner
Thursday: Catch-up after crazy week work until 6 pm night
Friday: Last Home Varsity Game
Saturday: Leaves, House Maintenance, Laundry, Possible Temple Date? or at least a Date

Okay, all wo is me aside, I am enjoying my children. I have learned to put them first even when others things could be being done. I'm not going to miss another moment of their lives. I feel like I did that too much while I was going to college. I guess I'd rather have a busy schedule than be depressed because I was too idol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday dislocation

So we've finished the JV football circuit. Things are going resonably well, Dakota's had a great season and we are watching the final JV game of the season. It was a cool, crisp, morning at HHS when my son was trying to tackle a Ritman Indian. He tried grabbing him with his arm and missed, the Indian pulled out of his grasp and pulled his shoulder out of his socket. As Kota plummeted to the ground he knocked his shoulder back in place. Coach pulled him off the field for missing the tackle, but found an injured player. (Whew, Kota got out of that butt chewing!) He, needless to say, was finished for the game and will probably be out of practice for the week.

Our Varsity has one more game Friday night. This game is the decision of who is the WCAL conference champ of the year. Hillsdale or Norwayne. It will be a packed football game. The winner of this game will go to state playoffs. Just like last year football season will probably go into November. It's a bittersweet thing, I'm happy for the boys to get some glory for their hard work, but it's also fun to have the family back even if it's just a few weeks until basketball season starts and we will be off to watch the daughter cheer.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What do Football, Hair Dos, Flowers and Dancing All Have in Common?

Kayla and Jen getting their hair and nails done for the dance. My friend Brooke did their hair in exchange for a free night of babysitting. I think Kayla got a great deal. She's not too thrilled I have the hair in curlers evidence. We told her that this was a traditional photo before the event. We were laughing about seeing our aunts run around in their bras and pantyhose with curlers before their weddings. Fun memories.

The finished product!

Hillsdale Homecoming was tonight. It was Kayla's first formal dance. She was so cute getting ready. It was funny to see her in curlers and getting all gussied up. We picked up Dakota's friend Jenn today and took her to his football game. It was a double win for the Falcons this weekend Friday and Saturday games against Northwestern Huskies were wins. That means the football players will be in good moods during the dance. I went to a homecoming that the football team lost the night before and they all were acting like jerks. I'm glad Kayla doesn't have to experience that her first time.
After the girls got their hair done, it was off to Buehlers to pick up the corsages and boutinier. When we got there we were one corsage short, so we had to wait to get that made. That is why the girls don't have them on in the pictures we had to wait on one to dry before wearing it. We took pictures at Malabar Farms Mt. Jeez over look. It is beautiful there, although a bit windy and chilly if your in a formal.
Then we took the kids out to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a yummy dinner. I think they had a marvelous time. It will be fun to hear the stories when they get home tonight.
Oh Jeez, look at the view.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apples to Apples

Kathy should be happy that she is not front and center in this picture talking to Jo. I conviently hid her behind Brooke!
Sister Gault and Eichhorn enjoying the good food!
We learned to make a cute little apple centerpiece from colored leaves and skewered apples. We also saw how to make floating votive candle holders.
In Relief Society we have weekday meetings once a month. (Formerly known as Homemaking or Enrichment meetings) We joke about what to call them, but no matter what we call them they are to bring ideas to make our homes a better place to be. Tonight we talked about being "beguiled." That naturally brought up the topic of apples and how they get a bad wrap. So being women we wrapped apples in carmel and served them for dessert. Thanks to Brooke who put them altogether. It's the love and service of each member of the branch that makes these meetings fun. It was funny to hear the stories of two sisters that served missions and their stories of being "beguiled" by learning to live with a companion for 18 months. It is interesting in the wisdom of our Father, who teaches us inspite of ourselves. We learn a lot of valuable lessons from being "beguiled." We mostly learn what not to do, but that in itself is a powerful lesson.
Thank you sisters for bringing up my spirits by: 1. letting me laugh, 2. encouraging and listening when things are tough 3. for picking up my slack when I can't do it all myself 4. For loving me inspite of my flaws.
Sister Kelly and Selvage
Our delicious carmel "wrapped" apples, Thanks Brooke for doing such a nice job! They were yummy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faith, Family, and Friends

Kayla's first choir concert in high school. They sounded great. They got to perform at AU Chapel today.

What a fun weekend; busy, but fun! We went to Kota's football line-up again. Robin and Toby came with us Saturday morning. We lost; Robin says she's a jinx, I don't know...they lost by 2 points in the last 35 seconds of the game. It was just one of those days. Anyhow Kota played well. After the game we ate lunch together at Belly Busters and split up. Kyle and Kota went to help on Grandma's roof. Kayla and I went to do our grocery shoppping. We also went to Kayla's friend Meghan's baptism at church. It was a beautiful ceremony. We really felt the Spirit and were grateful for the opportunity to be there. Then we finished our grocery shopping and headed home to meet the boys. The kids opted to stay home while Kyle and I went to Mansfield to get things for my classroom at Sam's Club. It was a nice evening with my husband. I enjoyed the quietness that we get to discuss life and heartaches together. He truly is my eternal companion!

Kaden, Kolton, and Kamryn enjoying the beautiful fall day.

Kyle, Kevin and Toby working on the roof.

Isn't that a total Grandma face? What did the kids do this time?

Enjoying the apple pie Kota made at home ec. He has brought home a delicious treat several nights this week. The Elder's got to enjoy a sundae pie on Thursday courtesy of Kota.

I am so grateful for my family. I enjoy the four of us as well as our extended family. It is nice to know how blessed we are! I feel a lot of joy today. We had good meetings at church, I got to hear wonderful choir music and reflect on my blessings. I am gratful for my testimony of the gospel. Without that I think I would have given up on things long ago. I know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I know they know me by name and want me to try hard and live well so I can return to live with them. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Jesus Christ. I know there are modern day prophets. I got to listen to them last week. I love that knowledge and am gratful that it strengthens me when I feel weak.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can you say marshmellow?

Kyle has this hatred of cats. He doesn't like them. I think it is the fact that he is allergic to flea bites and every time we have a cat he gets flea bites. Anyhow, Kayla our animal lover loves cats, so occasionally Kyle will cave. When he does this I tease him about being a marshmellow where our daughter is concerned. She has that affect on him--I lost it somewhere after the honeymoon....

Grandma Beninghof wanted to get rid of some cats because two of the farm cats had babies recently. She had these two adorable kitten that she wanted Kayla to take. Kyle told Grandma not to even mention them to Kayla. We took Dakota to see her before homecoming and Grandma showed Kayla the kittens. Uh Oh, Kyle never had a chance, he was hornswaggled by two women he can't say no to.

Now we have two kittens in the house.

They are sweet.
We named them after Greek godesses. Athena and Chloe. (Chloe's on top)

Kayla is so happy. She is such a little mama. She has been litter training and taking good care of these kittens.
Kota wants to name Chloe Nike because Nike is Athena's Best Friend in the myths. Kayla won't cave on the names she chose. I think Kota is going to call her Nike anyhow. Interesting the drama two babies can bring into a home. It is just purrrfect!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mapleton Homecoming

It's official, my son is a hunk! He sure cleans up nice, no wonder all the YW want to date him. Okay enough bragging from a proud mama. He got to go to his first formal dance with a girl who is investigating the church. They went "as friends" because neither are old enough to date by our standards. The funny thing is that he was so happy he didn't have to wear a pink tie and cumberbund in Klay and Tricia's wedding, but he had to match Jennifer, so...pink tie it was.
Kota and Jen with Grandma Beninghof. We thought we'd make the old gal's night and drop in to show off the good lookin' kids.
Kota was learning how to be a gentleman tonight. It was cute watching him carry the umbrella so Jen wouldn't lose the hours on her hair do.
As we watched the young teens coming out of the dance a Mapleton, Kyle and I were surprised to see the lost art of chivalry at formal dances. The guys walked ahead of their dates, who obviously hadn't practiced walking in 3-5 inch heels before the dance. Others were more worried about texting than escorting their dates. I was surprised that the girls just thought that was normal. Doesn't anyone talk to their kids about how to act on formal occasions? I was glad that Kyle took the time to coach Kota a bit. It really made him stand-out. I know Kota and Jenn had a good time. We get to repeat this process again in two weeks, this time with Kayla joining in.