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Friday, May 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

The boy scouts have been spreading mulch for a fundraiser for summer camp. The fruits of Kota's labor is black inked hands and face where he wiped off all the sweat.  He had two clients for his summer lawn care business.  It has been raining so much that he hasn't been able to go yet.  On the nice days he has had track meets or scouts.  I think Kyle is going to substitute for him this weekend.
We are enjoying the show of our azelea bush.  She is in full bloom and is showing her magnificient colors.

At work I have been busy getting the 6th grade students ready for outdoor school next week.  I am so excited to get outside, the change in environment will be good for all of us.  The kids are getting a bit squirrely with summer break approaching.  The only problem, there is a lot of rain in the forcast.  I hope the extended forcast is greatly changed by Monday.  At little rain, no problem.  A lot of rain, not so much fun!
   I attended the baby shower of a dear friend last night, and left my camera at home.  Check out pictures at Whispering Pines, Yaya will post about it when she gets back from Michigan.  My friend is have twins, 1 boy, 1 girl after a lot of infertility treatments and heart ache.  She is at home on modified bedrest taking good care of herself and the twins.  I am so happy for her.  It was such a treat to watch the joy in her eyes as she opened a truckload of gifts.  It will be exciting to see her with the babies, they will be the two most spoiled babies in the world, because she has been waiting a long time on this miracle.

Happy weekend.  Take time and enjoy the flowers!


  1. Good for Kota! Yard work is great for guys to learn. My husband did it as a teen and he loves landscaping our and our children's yards now.
    The year is winding down for you, it's probably hard to conquer the spring fever!
    The shower sounds like fun! Kathy told me about it. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Ps. Your azaleas are gorgeous! Yay gave me mine...it's not blooming yet...hopefully soon!

  3. Lots of happiness here. Love you azaleas - ours are brilliant right now, too. Have a great time at outdoor school. I always loved that time with kids.

  4. I'll get those pics up and running tomorrow..tonight I had to focus on family! The shower was nice and I'm glad Vicki enjoyed it. Good job Kota! I'll keep my ears open for more clients and I also heard all the money for camp is in! Nice job!

  5. What a thrill to see your friend's dream fulfilled. And the shower did look like lots of fun!


  6. What a lucky friend! :) And my dogs came in with grass stains up to their elbows from the freshly mown lawn. Thanks Kyle!