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Monday, May 16, 2011

Outdoor School

Today was a beautiful cold, overcast day to be at outdoor school.  We had an event filled day.  We arrived at Camp Nuhop about 10:30 this morning.  The kids were busy since we got here.  They unpacked their things then worked in cooperative group games until lunch.  After lunch they went on an all day hike.  We hiked around Mohican and saw both sets of falls, more like trickles than falls even after all the rain.  I was surprised by the trickling. 
On our way out of the hike one of my students fell and twisted her ankle on a tree root.  I helped her hobble out of the woods and the camp had a car waiting for us.  She ended up spraining her ankle.  So after phone calls to mom and school she decided to stay.  She was a real trooper!  I ended up staying with her for the remainder of hike time (3 hours).  We occupied her time with a couple of movies.  I will have to say that was a first for me, watching movies at outdoor school.
Overall, successful day.  I could do this daily!


  1. Those flowers in your header are gorgeous!


    PS. Hope your student recovers quickly.

  2. Love the new header Stacy! Gee, I remember when I went to outdoor school back when "hector was a pup"...and I remember my kiddos going too. Fun times!

  3. Sounds beautiful! I love, love, love your new blog layout! The header is beautiful, too.