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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Met the Challenge

 Great news for the Moose Man.  He earned his Varsity Letter in Track last night.  He got his 6 points that he needed to earn the letter.  There are 4 more meets and regionals to earn some more points, but the pressure is off.  (Sort of)  He still can earn personal records or PRs. 
He is sitting with some of the ribbons he has earned this season.  He met his personal challenge to earn a varsity letter.
I met the challenge of figuring out the Wii today.  Our sensor bar broke.  (We only had it for 3 months).  They replaced the sensor bar and I hooked it up tonight with out Dakota's help.  It really wasn't that hard.
So we have been challenging each other to Mario Cart.  I really like playing this game. 


  1. Congrats to your son! I know how important those letter jackets are to the kids....I have three in my attic! Lol. Good luck playing the game Its hard to bead the kids!

  2. Your son must be so pleased. It always is encouraging to meet a goal. good luck with the game.

  3. I'm behind in commenting...congrats on tenure..And congrats to Moose for lettering! Now he has a jacket to give to a girlfriend...who will lose it or never give it back..just sayin'.