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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom! and It's About Time

 Happy Birthday Mom.  Today I met mom for lunch and treated her for a change.  She usually won't let me buy.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Wendy's, then I hurried home to make her the apron she is wearing.
I learned how to make these aprons through Relief Society.  Kyle was impressed he said it looked professionally made.  I'm able to sew thing that are mostly square!  Anything intricate forget it.  Mom turned 55 today.  This week she had another milestone, she is a great-grandma.  Yep!  GREAT, we can call her GG now.

Chloe Barr was born Monday, May 16.  When mom remarried to Tom his oldest grandchild was 12 years old.  Dakota was 3 weeks old.  Hence, GG status at 55.  Oh well, family is family.

Great-Grandpa Tom.  (hehehe)

My dearest husband is quite the handyman. He is capable of car mechanics and carpentry.  He built our out building without a kit.  He drew up his own plans.  However, in all his handiness, he has a character flaw: completion.  Yep, every project he starts he leaves it one or two steps from finished.  This nice out building has one board that isn't painted.  I have one piece of trim missing in my kitchen.  My bathroom is missing trim and the tile never got sealed.  Do you see the pattern?  I can keep listing, but then you'll just feel bad for me.

 I love it when Robin is coming down, because I get to get some projects finished.  (Whohoo!)  I have to be choosy about what I want finished so that I get the most bang for my buck!  I wanted new porches (too big) so I settled for the basement entrance being finished.  (He started this project 2 years ago.)  Who says I can't be patient.
 This is what the door has looked like for 2 years!
I'll keep posting the progress!  I got to go to Home Depot today to pick out the tops I wanted for the walls he is building.  He is going to lay several layers of cement block and pour some new stairs.  The sides will be high enough that we can make benches out of for my future patio.  (maybe in 5 more years, hehehe)


  1. I hope your patience pays off soon!

    Love that your mom is a GG at such a young age...


  2. Happy Birthday Char! She's way too young for a GG! Kyle does have a wonderful handy-man image and I know he'll finish off those last loose ends..maybe when you're a GG?

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures. :-)

  4. Wow Stacy...such a nice posting about my birthday. Too bad...I had worked so hard at my last job I have not had time to be on your blog until today. My sentimental hormones are in full gear (sniff...sniff). This is why I am so proud to be your mother. It gives me so much joy to see how much our relationship has grown over the years. Families are truly wonderful. I loved the apron too, especially because you made it for me. Yes I use it from time to time and in between it hangs in my kitchen for me to see each day. It reminds me of all the love that you put into it. Love you so much!