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Monday, May 23, 2011

Living History Tour

The Ashland Historical Society put on a free living history tour at the Ashland Cemetery Sunday.  What a neat experience this was.  The historical society members as well as genealogical society members brought history to life by bring founding members of Ashland to life by doing biographical stories of the founders in period clothing standing by their gravestones.

 I found this instrument very unique.  I have never seen one and don't know what it is?
 Col. Slocum was a member of the Civil War.  He commanded a volunteer army for the North. He went to visit President Lincoln to volunteer for the army.
 Mary Freer left money to the city to start a Children's home.  The Children's home still exists today, it is no longer an orphanage or a place for children who are removed from there home, but it is where the children who get in trouble with the law go, fondly called the Detention Home or DH by the youth of our community.
 Sally Andrews son was the second boy born in Ashland.  He was the President of Kenyan College.
 Dr. Hill wrote the first history of the City of Ashland in 1880.  His books have been very vaulable to me in my own genealogical research.
 Francis "Frank" Graham changed the name of the town from Uniontown to Ashland because he wanted a post office to expand his business.  The federal government denied the post office because there were already two Uniontowns in Ohio.  They suggested the name Ashland to him and without asking anyone else in the town he refiled for a post office under the name of Ashland.
Martin Mansfield was an inventor of a clover huller.

Today was very fun for me, but quite hot.  I had Kyle and Kayla with me who were hot and thirsty.  Yaya from Whispering Pines blog met us there too!  So I did not get to go on the second loop of the tour.  Next year (I hope there is a next year) I will bring water bottles and a change of clothes from church so I can see the whole thing!

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  1. I told Yaya that I love cemeteries, and I do. They've always intrigued me.