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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Boys are Back In Town

Wow I sure did miss them while they were at camp. I slept so much better Saturday night when I had the chainsaw impression going on next to me. (Really, I don't think he snored much that night because he was so tired.)

Camp was a hot and humid experience this year. It rained on Friday so Kyle and Kota spent the first hour and a half back drying tents. Since Kyle is a tent collector it seems our tents get borrowed alot by other scouters. Kyle took several pictures on his phone and when he saves those to the computer I will post more.
I was a little disappointed that Kota only came home with one merit badge finished, but he is an Eagle Scout already so I won't kill him. He said he was having trouble finding merit badges to work on in the afternoon that he didn't have already. He has one requirement to complete on the pioneering merit badge and he will have it finished before court of honor. Kyle said it was so hot not to give him too hard of a time, he spent the afternoons at open pool.

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  1. Good job Dakota! Hey, one merit badge is good! I'm glad all came home safe and sound too. One more notch on the camp belt for those guys!