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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coursework is Completed...Waiting for the Degree

So here is where my time and money has gone for the last 6 years.
I just turned in my final three assignments to my professor this morning.
Wow it feels really good to know that I am finished with my Master's Degree. I have applied for two positions using my new degree. We shall see how that pans out. If not this summer that is okay, because I really do enjoy teaching. I kept telling myself, I probably won't look for
administration positions before Kayla graduates from high school, but a couple of positions have come up that I really wouldn't mind having.
There is an assistant elementary principal position as Ashland City Schools that is a one year job and then back to the classroom (so it would be good to get the feet wet with my contract still available at the end of the year.) The other is a curriculum consultant for area school districts throuhg Tri-County ESC. That is my dream job. Being able to work with experience curriculum director and learning two more school districts. It will look great on my resume.
It is amazing what Heavenly Father opens up. I hope that one of the two is for me.
The best part is if I get called for an interview I get to go buy a new buisness suit! I love shopping.

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