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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Michigan or Bust

Kayla all cozy for our two hour impromptu trip to Dundee, Michigan.

Kota getting his tunes ready for the journey.

Kyle fueling up for the first-leg of the trip.

Whohoo! We're 13 miles from camp!

Chinese checkers to relax after a rush pack job. We forgot several items. Thank goodness for Wal-mart.

Sunrise on the Wilderness Retreat. What a great way to start the car trip.

Kyle the breakfast chef cooking french toast!

We drove through Crawford County Michigan. I will have to look up how it got it's name at a future time. Wonder if it's a relative???

It's a perfect blue sky and puffy white cloud day. My favorite kind.

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet at the Makinac Bridge.
It is so beautiful here!

We are spending two nights at Tiki RV Resort in St. Ignace, Michigan. It is a beautiful campground just on the north side of the Mackinac Bridge. We love it here and would possibly come here every year. The bonus for us was that every Saturday night between July 4th and Labor day is Fireworks on the bay. We got to see about 15 minutes of beautiful fireworks shot off a barge in Lake Huron. It was amazing, much better than Ashland's! The only weird thing is, no birthday the day after fireworks. That's okay, who wants to be 36 in just 2 weeks of turning 35.

We decided to leave one day (night) early. We stayed just outside Dundee, Michigan then drove the 6 hours to the bridge Saturday. That allowed more time for sight-seeing yesterday. We went to a Revolutionary War fort in Mackinac City. Fort Milimackinaw was a British Fort where a lot of fur trading taking place. The only attack on the fort was when the Pontiac Indians attacked the fort. When the British leaders heard that the rebels (colonials) were going to attack the fort they burned it down and moved. The oldest archealogical digsite in the US is located here. We got to see archealgoists in progress. I took so many pictures to use with my fifth grade American History class. I even got some ideas for hands-on activities I can do with the students. Win-win on getting to see the fort and getting ideas for teaching!

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