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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Errand of Angels...

Dakota and Elder Paulson
Brecksville Bishop's Storehouse

This is where we packed orders.

Dakota helping the Elders and Storehouse volunteers.

This has been a service-filled week. I am enjoying the blessing of being RS president. I have got to have a lot of wonderful experiences because of it. Tuesday I had my car literally filled with school supplies and food to deliver to Hillsdale Cares and Associated Charities. All of which were donated by RS sisters. Tonight I am going to the hospital to visit with a sister who had surgery today.

Today, I went to the Bishop's Storehouse with Dakota. We were working on completing one of his Duty to God requirements. We also went because he did not get to attend Youth Conference because we were leaving for our vacation. I wanted him to be able to also have a spiritual experience.
While up there we got to pack all of the orders that are going to be delivered to our branch next week. We also got to meet up with Elder Paulson, who served in our brach this winter. Kota really liked him. The most amazing part of the trip today is we got to take the place of a ward who could not be there to fulfill their assignment. Had we not been able to come the storehouse would have been short-handed today.

I feel so lucky as to be blessed enough to recieve such nice blessings.

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  1. Ok, I'm sufficiently humbled...Have a great vacation..after all that work you deserve it! Thanks for serving and all you do and tell Dakota we're proud of him!