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Thursday, July 29, 2010

End of our Michigan Travels, Bummer

Last Thursday, we traveled from Baraga (Bear aga) Michigan to Minnesota. We stopped at Porcupine Mountain State Park. I really enjoyed the beautiful vistas there and know that this will be a frequent stop in the future. It was amazing the peace and solitude of that area. Even though I didn't get to see my moose, I still enjoyed myself greatly. I really felt a reconnect with my family and faith. I hope that it is enough to carry us through another year.

Duluth, Minnestoa
8 hours in the car is the longest we've traveled so far, it wiped out the teens.

Porcupine Mountains (I know my Utah friends will laught, but they still are pretty!)

Awesome view!

Lake of the Clouds, it was so beautiful the pictures just can't do justice to what we saw with our eyes!

My last hope to see a moose, no luck!

We were lone travels on this path. It was eerily pleasant.
Cave enterance where in the fall bats congregate. Kota and Kyle checked it out while, Kayla and I waited for the bats to fly out. No bats!
Gigantic Cinnamon Rolls at Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse Michigan. These were a highlight of the trip. They only cost $3.49 so we got each of the kids their own and had the rolls the next day for breakfast too! Yummo!

We kayaked at Munising on Lake Superior. I'm sorry that I couldn't take my camera for fear of losing it to water damage, but this was my favorite part of the whole trip!

I thought for sure I'd find one here, but no dice.

Bear and Moose hunting off the beaten path. It was so beautiful.

Lake Superior at Grand Maris, Michigan.

The trail up to the Grand Sable Sand dunes. It was so steep. Kyle helped me up thankfully. I could have managed, but he made it go faster. :)

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  1. I want one of the jobs on the travel channel where you get paid to enjoy yourself! Looks like a great trip...how was the camper? I'd also like one of those cinnamon rolls please! Drive safe back and I'll be pleased to see ya for sure!