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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks bring in the Birthday

I tease the kids every year that the reason they have fireworks on the 4th of July is to celebrate my birthday the next day. Even though that isn't true, I really to enjoy watching them every year. This year we sat at Matt Gorrell's house on Mifflin Ave. in Ashland. They were very nice. Gayle was telling us how her favorites are the one's that scream and the one that look like spider plants. Those are my two favorites too. You know they didn't have either one of those at the Ashland show. Oh well, maybe next year.

For my birthday today Kayla, Mom and I went to see Eclipse. I asked Kayla if we could skip opening day and go on my birthday instead. She waited patiently for those 5 days while her friends went ahead of her. That was nice. You know, it was good, but the book was sooooo much better. I wish they didn't have to cut and change so much for the movie. My friend Kathy Starkey and counselor in Relief Society came with us. It was neat because while we were waiting for her to arrive at the theater someone came up and gave me a free ticket to the show. Since mom already bought our tickets, I gave that one to Kathy. I guess she'll have to owe me a movie in the future. :)

Next we went to eat lunch at mine and Kayla's favorite restaurant: Olive Garden. Then we went shopping for a business suit for my interview. We started at Burlington Coat Factory which has great clothes at low prices. But, I could not find anything that fit right. Next to Kohl's--no suits. Then I went to my old stand-by Sears. I don't know why, but I always find good career clothes there. I found a great suit.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble because Kayla and I each wanted a juicy novel to occupy some of our vacation from the boys...who by the way are dying in heat at scout camp now. Boy are their clothes going to stink when they come home...We stopped by Sam's Club to fill up the gas tank then brought mom home.
My birthday present to myself is a book called Pretty Little Liars. Kayla and I are watching this show on Tuesday nights and ABC Family channel. It's pretty interesting. Each week gives you cliff hanger endings. I'm hoping the book tells the secret that I'm dying to know.

Here is my birthday suit, well at least the one that I'm willing to show on my blog. I have an interview tomorrow for the Ashland City Schools Assistant Principal Position. I feel pretty good about the interview, I'm not sure if I'm experienced enough, but we'll see what Heavenly Father has in store.

My birthday cake and ice cream. I only bought a piece instead of making a cake with the boys gone. I did not want to eat a whole cake by myself. I know Kayla would have helped, but I don't need all the sugar with the diabetes, and Kayla doesn't need it either.
The only thing that could have made today better was to spend it with my husband. I'm glad he enjoys his calling and spending a week with Jack Starkey. Scout camp is as much of a growing experience for the leaders as it is for the boys. I hope they know how much I appreciate them.


  1. Thanks again for letting me crash your girl day out and Happy Birthday too...If Kyle ever quits going to camp he will have to really do your bday up big to compete with today! Good luck tomorrow on your interview..I know that the right choice will be made! Thanks for the free ticket too! I will gladly take you to a movie any time!

  2. Happy birthday my friend! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. I'm soo jealous that you got to see Eclipse! I have to wait until it comes to the dollar theater because I'm so cheap. haha Good luck with your job interview!