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Monday, July 19, 2010

Days at the Beach

We went to our favorite beach on the North shores of Lake Michigan. It is about a twenty minute drive west of St. Ignance. You just pull off on the side of the road and go down to the lake. We decided to stay another day at St. Ignance because our planned day at the beach was cold and rainy. We decided to go anyhow, but it was just too cold.

Today however, it was warm, sunny and breezy. It was a perfect day at the beach and worth the extra day at St. Ignance. We came back to the camper and made calzones and breadsticks for Kayla because she doesn't like pizza toppings too much. It was so yummy! We are having a great relaxing time at the lake! Tomorrow we are going to head out into the U..P.. My goal is to see a moose and black bear in the wild. We are going to try to experience as many firsts as possible.

The kids would snorkle for treasure.

Kyle getting crafty with the digital camera again. I burn easy so I stayed close the the umbrella reading a great book!
Here is the rain coming down outside the camper Sunday.

Rainy and cold day at the beach.

The kids found a lot of these clams bunched together with their snorkles.
The water was so clear you could see the sandy bottom full of ripples from the waves.

Kayla and Kyle finding clams.

This is the view from our campground driveway. It looks out over Lake Huron.

Kyle digging a hole for my umbrella.


  1. Wow, I feel like I'm on vacation with you! Can you imagine me hiding in the camper (like that mouse??..only bigger). When I looked at the first pic I had to run out to my car and grab my sunglasses because there was something really bright white between the kiddos...oops..sorry Kyle. Keep on having fun!

  2. Hi Stacy...Looks like all of you are having a great time! Be safe and see you soon. I love the pics...makes me want to be there too! We had a lovely visit with Grandpa...he said hello to all of you and happy belated birthday from him. His birthday was yesterday...now 76! Love, Mom and Tom

  3. Just have Dakota go out in the woods...then you would see a mouse in the wild! hehe No, but it looks like you are vacationing in such a beautiful area. Hope you continue to have an awesome time!