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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


You know that feeling when you get that brand new toy or new white tennis shoes and then you get a scuff on them? You know you will never get the scuff out so it doesn't quiet have the same appeal as when they were fresh off the shelf. That's how I feel all scuffed up just four days into the new year.

I had a great lesson plan for my 5th grade students. Instead of learning about what Williamsbury colony was like by looking at pictures and reading a boring text book, it planned hands-on activities for them to expierence some colonists life activities. I arranged for field corn to come into the class for the kids to shell and grind, so that we could make homemade cornbread, literally from scratch. They would get to make their own butter. I also was learning how to hand spin yarn from wool, and letting them hand sew a doll sized pillow.

Sounds great right? I'm the best teacher ever, right? Day one was wonderful. Day two however, I had a bunch of yahoos goofing around with the hand grinder for the corn. My personal from home handgrinder. They changed the settings on the grinder making it too lose for the corn while I was working with the pillow sewing group. Long story short, they cracked the stone burrs on the grain grinder. Only a $50 goof up. UGH! So needless to say my temper soared internally, thank goodness I didn't find it until the culprits where already out of my room. So I went from Williamsburg experience to book work in 2.0 days.

Then to make things better the same day I have this classroom disaster, I get bad medical news for my hubby. I'm feeling a bit emotionally battered. I know that Heavenly Father doesn't give us more than we can handle, sometimes I think, I wish I couldn't handle as much, because I feel pushed over the edge! I actually am having a hard time not spilling tears when I'm alone. I have to keep the game face on for the family, right?

Kyle is going to have an ultra-sound on Friday to see if he has cancer, tumor, or a cyst. I know this isn't the end of the world, but it feels like it right now. This too shall pass.....Pray for us please.


  1. Hang in there Stacy...you are a great teacher, you just have bad students! Now, I and Jack will pray for you guys everyday and so will many others. I can't say "This will be Ok", because I don't know that for sure. I know you guys will handle what ever is thrown your way and you won't be alone. You have tons of family and friends to support you. Just concentrate on Kyle right now. Church will take care of itself, work will take care of itself...just don't forget to take care of "your self". Now, I'm going to get those prayers started!

  2. I remember when my mother taught 5th grade in Chicago and also did a Williamsburg series...this brings back such memories! All the things she took and did too with the kids...paper making, and marbeling etc.
    Praying all is well with Kyle's testing!

  3. You should plan another fun learning activity and make the yahoos do the book work I'm sure we could share lots of teaching nightmares!! How scary about Kyle I'm sure your nerves are quite active right now. Its through these trials that we are able to learn grow and become the people we were sent here to be, although knowing that doesn't make them any easier!! You are amazingly strong and you guys will get through this. I love you all so much you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers!!