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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

It's always fun starting over. Techically, it's just a continuation of life, but the newness of it brings hope to life. I think it is neat the date 1/1/11. It will be fun for all the babies born today.
My birthday is a fun date too 7/5/75.

I've decided to journal some of my goals, because when I write them down I tend to make them happen.
1. Pray more often personally, not just at meals
2. Learn how to do something new
3. See a moose in the wild (maybe when we go to Maine?)
4. Go to Maine on Vacation (hopefully with our friends Casey and Christina)
5. Survive my school year, hopefully cheerfully (I've got a tought group this year)
6. Maybe look for an Administration position (not sure if I'm ready yet)
7. Learn to play the piano better
8. Scrapbook with my daughter
9. Read a book on my list (or two, three or four....)
10. lose 20 pounds (or more, but you have to start somewhere)
11. Excersise with my husband before work 3 days a week
12. Take more walks
13. Enjoy quiet moments with the teens
14. Get to MN for Christmas
15. Get to know my dad again

Okay, my list is getting pretty big. I am a dreamer at times. I have a lot of hats to think about and when I make goals for all of them it can get pretty lofty. I am pretty excited about getting started. I shall see how the year goes.


  1. That's an impressive list of goals! I think of you as being somewhat my age because you have children not too much younger than my youngest (born in 83). When you wrote your fun birthdate, I realized YOU could be my child! My boys have a fun date too...7/7/76!! Lol!
    Good luck with the list and Happy New Year!

  2. Hmmmm...your list will be coming in handy when we do the "bucket list" RS meeting! Good goals, especially the trip to Maine! It will be fun at the end of this year to see how you do!