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Friday, January 7, 2011

Peace Be with You

Kyle had his ultrasound today. I was zipping back from the Columbus Temple to be in the room with him. I got to the waiting room at 2:27, his appointment was at 2:30. They wouldn't let me go in the room because he was already in there. I was disappointed. So I just waited quietly in the waiting room for him. We will get his ultrasound results early next week. Waiting is a hard thing to do. But we know that no matter what the outcome Heavenly Father will make us strong enough to handle it. In the mean time we are going to try to live life like normal. The shock factor is over.
We went to Kayla's basketball game tonight. We got to watch the JV win a game tonight. The varsity won by a lot. 72-28. One of the players dunked the ball and the crowd went wild! Kayla reported after the game that the Chippewa cheerleaders were rude. She said they were making fun of them the whole game. Poor sportsmanship from their bball players too. Which is too bad.
Today was a healing day. I feel better since I took the time going to the temple. I feel like I can be supportive where I need to be now.


  1. Sending you and Kyle prayers and light. Be sure to take care of yourself while you're taking such good care of everyone else.

  2. You are in my prayers, will follow you blogs knowing that we serve an awesome God, who with faith can achieve the impossible

  3. Thank goodness we have the temple to help us find that peace in such a chaotic world!! My prayers are with you guys!! Sending love your way!!!!!