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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rolling Stone

After spending a week worring that my dear, sweet, husband might have cancer or a tumor, or a cysts we find out he had a kidney stone. Whew! we were sure relieved at the non-life treatening alternative.
The teens visted to watch their dad sleep. Illness is hard on them too. But they seemed to take all the news well.

Kyle squirmed, groaned and sweated for an entire day trying to pass that kidney stone. But, cat scan confirmed his stone was one millimeter to big to be passed. He had to have surgery to get it out. I have never seen my husband whine about pain like he did yesterday. I knew he was in extreme pain. I wished that I could take at least half of the pain for him so he wouldn't hurt so bad, but I couldn't. I admire him though, he could have been a contanciourous patient, but instead he chose to joke with the nurses. I'm not sure I would have been that gracious.

You have to have a large amount of patience in the hospital. Each person has to wait on orders from another...it took a day and a half to find out when our surgery time was. They just kept telling us they didn't know. It wasn't until yaya told us we were on the schedule for the end of the day that we heard anything. That was a bit frustrating, but it was still better than battling cancer.Kyle came out of surgery, hungry and looking almost painless. He has some discomfort urinating, but that too will pass in a day or two. We are glad to have him home tonight. I hope he never has to experience this again!


  1. Good job Kyle! I'm sorry the stay had it's frustrations..I don't even understand why it's that way! Hopefully the surgery team was good to you and I'm glad you got bumped up in time instead of having to wait all day! That was a big stone. I got to see it get blasted and I hope the pics I gave you help to understand why it hurt so much! Now get well and I owe you a dinner...as soon as the snow gets better!

  2. I had hoped to see you but things were too busy in my room to get out for a few moments. Hope all is better now and things should be on a quick mend!

  3. I'm so glad this story has a happy ending!