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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retrain the Brain

When ever I think of dessert is almost always has something to do with chocolate or chocolate and peanut butter. I have to retrain the brain, because Kyle is supposed to each chocolate sparingly. It is one cause of kidney stones. We will find out what his stone consisted of in a few weeks when it come back from the lab.

I have been trying to use more of my food storage and what is in the refridgerator for a change instead of throwing away so much food. I found that I had two containers of sour cream in the fridge and deciced to surf the net for recipies; this is what I came up with. Not a single drop of chocolate in it, plus I used one of my containers of sour cream. Win-win, except if you consider the lose 20 pounds this year. Oh well, can't win them all.

I just felt sorry for my hubby for having the pain of removing the stent yesterday. He said he would rather have a kidney stone then have a stent removed again. He looked terrible when he came out of that office. He was sweating, looked like he could pass out any second, he actually looked worse than he did last week. But he is on the mend today an is starting to feel better.

Life is interesting with all its bumps and bruises. In a few weeks/months he won't remember all the discomfort, only that it hurt A LOT!

I know one thing is for sure, we are going to try having our affairs in order, so next time if it is more serious we have talked about everything...as hard as it may be.

I have a friend whose husband just found out he has terminal cancer. He will find out his life expectancy on Monday. I'm sure she wished her husband just had kidney stones too.

I got a chance to slow down a bit last week, more like I was forced to slow down. I remember what is most important in life--our family! This is an unconcious known, but sometimes it is good to have this in the forfront of my thoughts.

So we will continue to retrain our brains, maybe we can lose a pound or two doing so...if I stay away from those sweets....na!


  1. Poor Kyle..atleast that part is over and hopefully it will be uphill from here on out. I knew it would not be pleasant, but didn't want to say anything on Sunday. Nice way to clean out the fridge! Looks good and tastey!

  2. Glad that hubby is on the mend, and yes, life can change in a heart beat, and we need to be prepared for it. Your pudding looks lovely, did it taste as good as it looked??

  3. That cake looks wonderful!!! I guess the retrain is good ...especially when it involves sour cream!! yum!
    I didn't know it was so painful to have the stent out...sorry for Kyle! Sorry for your friends too, that are going through dealing with terminal cancer...nothing worse.
    If I ever find out I have kidney stones...I'm in REAL trouble...love chocolate!!!

  4. Rethinking, reframing, being creative with what's at hand - what a perfect way to start a new year. So glad hubby continues to heal and that you both know how blessed you are.

  5. Hi Stacey,
    I see you and I are both Blog friends with Deb! Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth - perhaps just looking at your cake will satisfy me. Hope your husband is soon feeling better. I had a heart problem a year ago - very scary for me and my family. A kind of wake up call to what really matters.

  6. That cake looks yummy! Glad your Kyle is doing better and thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!! :D