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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wicked Weather

Wow! The weather outside was frightful last night...enough to cancel school today! My friend says patients always make it to surgery.....Kyle always makes it to work too. Even though I could have slept in today, I was wide awake at my 5:30 am phone call, that I crawled out of bed and started the Saturday chores of laundry and tidying the house today.
I looked outside and decided to hunker down with a book.
The kids went out with the snowblower after lunch to earn some $$ but they waited too long...everyone was shoveled out.
So I decided to do some baking for Kota's 16th birthday. We are having a small get together of some youth and friends from school at the church. They are going to play some basketball and the Wii and hang out for awhile before the basketball game Kayla has Saturday. Three games this week. We decided that we were only going to one of them. She has three games next week too.
I'm trying to figure out how to make these into a football....I'm going to frost them with chocolate butter cream frosting and add the white lacing to them, but I can't quite get them tight enough...I'll have to see what I can figure out.
Later tonight Kyle and I are heading up to the VA Hospital to visit my friend and her husband. He is having a turn for the worst...life sure has its ups and downs.


  1. It's nice to be able to cuddle up and not go out to work on such a cold day, huh? The cupcakes look yummy...they will be cute footballs! I made red velvet ones today for Debby Kiste's BD. Stay warm this weekend and I hope your friend gets better!!!

  2. The drive to work wasn't that great, but I and all the patients made it in..of course! I'm so sorry that Dee and Robin have to go through this terrible time, but it was so nice of you to go up there tonight. I know all won't be good, but I'll keep them in my prayers.

  3. Looks like a good idea, staying inside, the snow looks so beautiful for those of us who never get any, but I suppose it is different when you live with it everyday.