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Monday, January 3, 2011


Kayla is working on completing her personal progress for Young Women at church. She works on various projects throughout the year, usually at the arm twisting of her mother. I made her find her book tonight and we noticed that if she completed her 10 hour project in knowledge that she could get another ribbon for her bookmark.
She decided upon learning to take care of clothing. She has to learn how to wash, fold, iron and repair clothing. She can also learn how to make alterations to clothing. She started tonight with learning how to sew on a button. She lost a button off her coat last week and wanted me to show her how to sew it on anyhow so this worked out well. Too bad grandma Robin weren't a bit closer for this project, she'd come in handy.
While sitting at the table her kitten Athena wanted to check out this new project too. I wonder if it was the flash of the needle in the lamp light or the dangling string the peeked his curisoity.
Speaking of knowledge...we thought when we got the two bundles of joy this autumn that we had twin sisters. Dakota made the discovery a couple of weeks ago that our greek godess Athena is a greek god. We've tried to rename the poor fellow, but Zeus, Apollo, Posiden, just won't stick. So he will forever be our family joke of Athena the boy godess.....


  1. I was wondering why you said "his" after Athena...then I laughed...you're right, "he's" stuck with that sissy name! Actually I think "bandit" would fit with that mask he wears! Good going Kayla for getting your personal progress book done. Jo is going to hound you to finish it anyway, so you might as well dig in!

  2. Well, I don't understand the projects you all are doing but I know one thing...you have an amazing church that has many neat activities and wonderful people who are very active and dedicated. That's a true compliment! Good work Kayla!!