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Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Granted

It's amazing how when your are in the normal humdrum of life how many things you over look. I realize that I don't alway appreciate the small things....like going to bed with your husband...you know to cuddle and get cozy warm with....otherwise the bed is cold and empty.
...or how often I don't have to do dishes because he prefers dishes over laundry.....
..or just having him healthy and with us...
I'm glad things went well this week for him. I also got to remember why I teach today. I got a letter from one of my students who always works really hard. She addressed the envelope to Mr. and Mrs. Crawford....In side it said. I hope you get well soon, I'll be praying for you. (Aw, how sweet!) Then PS. Mrs. Crawford you are the best teacher ever, I really miss it when you are not here because the class is really bad!
I will have to tell Kyle he's not allowed to have anymore kidney stones so I don't miss much more class....I'm sure he won't mind complying!


  1. Yes...I think we take a LOT for granted in life...even friends,...definitely family!! It's great when we are validated in our role in life...for instance someone taking the time to say "thankyou" for being a good teacher. Makes is all worth it , huh?
    Glad Kyle is feeling better!

  2. I realize how many little (and big) things Jack does when I'm left in charge! Heavenly help our house! I'm glad Kyle's doing better and hopefully this will all pass quickly...no pun intended! I think you need to keep that note from your student and read it on bad days! No amount of pay can equal that sweet note thanking you. I know you're a good teacher just from working with you in Relief Society! Thanks for your help tonight!

  3. It is amazing how much more grateful we can be for the little things when the big things threaten to go south - or when they actually do. My hubby does dishes, too.

    Love those teacher notes! Yours is so precious.