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Friday, January 14, 2011

Grandparents for the Weekend????

Welcome our newest addition for the weekend, Karson Kyle Crawford....aka Dakota's Family and Consumer Science Project for the weekend. UGH! I thought Kota was just going to get some skills in homemaking so he would be okay when he's out on his mission.
The baby goes every where Dakota goes. He is only allowed to have so many babysitters. It's kind of funny really, until Dakota loses his cool; which is really quick.
The baby brings a lot of attention, just like the real ones do. We had an elderly couple sitting next to us that thought he was real. They were embarassed that they asked...You know when I was in Family Consumer Science it was called Home Economics....we carried around a hard boiled egg for a week.
Dakota with his new (I mean 1st) girlfriend Mandy. What a way to start dating, with a baby in tow.
You know in the three hours we were at the basketball games, that baby got its diaper changed twice, fed twice, and just needed to be held a couple of times. Dakota is finding out that a needy baby isn't something he is ready for. Maybe they (the FCS teacher) are smart by having the life-like infants. It might knock some sense into a few teenagers (boys at least) that this isn't as easy as it sounds.
Well another winning weekend for the Falcon boys. Both JV and Varsity won again. Someday I'll have a better camera with a better zoom.
Kayla is rockin out to "Life is a Highway." She makes me laugh because she has a hard time smiling, because she is too worried about doing the next move....But she keeps getting better


  1. Oh how I laughed at this post! I've seen many of the YW with these "almost" kiddos in tow, but no boys. It was probably easier to get a new egg than a new doll if something would happen to it,huh? Well, I hope this is a good lesson, especially since he's in the dating zone....Daddy zone aint too much fun when it's done too early.

  2. Are you feelin' like a granny yet?? (Welcome to the club?) Actually it's so much fun...but not until EVERYbody's ready!!
    Kayla does a fantastic job!!!

  3. You have really cool kids! When I did this activity with sixth graders, they had to carry 5 pounds of sugar. The almost real baby seems like it would make a stronger point. What would Kyle say he learned?