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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet 16 Party

I can't belive he's 16. It's inevitable that they will grow up, but it goes so fast. I still remember the blizzard Kyle drove through to get us to Wooster Community Hospital at 5 am. I was up all night with contractions and finally had enough and went to the hospital. I wanted to make sure since I went two other times and got sent home. We spent all day at the hosptial and final they took him C-section around 4:30 in the afternoon. I still have a lovely scar to prove it!
We got togehter a party today because he didn't want to wait until February to have it. I wanted to do it on a day we didn't have a basketball in the evening. He wanted to do it on his actual birthday...so here we are.
The football decorated cupcakes went over well, the teens devoured those right down. I even piped creme in the middles to make them hostess style.

Fruit punch with sprite mixed in

We used the church for better parking and space. We hooked our Wii up to a projector and displayed it on the wall in the RS room.
The kids took turns playing Wii, and played basketball in the cultural hall.

  Grandma and Grandpa Steigerwalt made it

Grandma and Grandpa Patterson and Aunt Amy and her Carlo, Maddie and Malea all came to enjoy the festivities.

We enjoyed playing games and socializing together. I still can't believe my baby is almost an adult. I wonder when he will start acting like he is one? Does that come at about 30?
Happy Birthday Moose! We love you.


  1. Since 30 is the new 20 does that make 16 the new 6??? I'm sure at times he will act like it! But he's a great kid and I know he'll do some amazing, and wonderful things in the future. Happy birthday Dakota!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all!! The football cupcakes turned out wonderfully! Good job! 16...the beginning of manhood!
    I always remember all the details of my children's birth too on their BD's...I love to retell it to them! They always say, "Oh Mom!"
    Happy Birthday Kota!!

  3. Looks like you have a fantastic day, love the cakes, I think children should stay children for as long as they can, we are adults for so long, what's the rush. Happy Birthday sweet 16

  4. The party looks like it was a wonderful time, and your son is a cutie. Don't be expecting "adult" until his brain is done growing - which will take another decade or so. :-)

  5. What in the heck!! When did he get all grown?!! Now he can date! ARRRGGGHH! Happy belated birthday, Dakota!