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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard Activities

The snow was swirling and whirling outside my house yesterday. I had planned on spending time in my classroom after being at the conference, but I decided the whirling, swirling snow would keep me at home. I pondered about my husband and friend all facing the adversity of the swirling snow and feeling a bit bad for them for having to brave the weather....Then I thought, they all could have gone to school to be teachers too...because the school bus never makes it in in bad weather.
Even though my camera could not catch the beauty of the snowfall, it was snowing great big, fluffy, white flakes. The gigantic flakes were accumulating nicely in my backyard. Yep, still good to be the snowed in teacher, warm and in her pajamas at 11 am.
I saw these crows hunkered down in my oak tree. They were all huddled together to keep warm. They often use my compost pile to eat their dinner.

It is amazing to me that these birds were out in the elements. I figured they would try to find a barn or something to keep warm in until the storm passed by. But they were there most of the afternoon just waiting.
The kids watched some movies, Kayla started reading Twilight for the 800th time, they hunted grizzly bears on the Wii, and I decided I wanted to move around; that sitting at home is sometimes boring, maybe I should have gone to school for something that wouldn't ground me everytime there was bad weather.....Na!
To entertain myself and get some excercise I have been learning Kayla's cheer dances. Yep. I'm learning how to be a cheerleader. Actually it is a lot of fun. Kayla and I get to giggling when I mess up in the same spot for the 50th time. Oh well, it has been fun. Can't wait to get back to school.....


  1. Hey, cool blog! I shoulda' realized the first time you commented that you had one! I'm glad we didn't get the ice like you did. Are you back at school today? We had another snow day.

  2. Glad you made it back from Columbus before the bad weather..you're right about going to school to be teachers, but who would take out kidney stones then? I expect you to be rested, fresh as a daisy on Sunday!

  3. Yes, you are so lucky to be a teacher and enjoy the perks of a few snow days home with the kids...I used to love those days with you and your siblings when I was a young mom. So glad to be home today, as drving to and from Columbus was not fun the past few days for work. So glad you had fun with the kids...would have liked to watch you doing cheers...how fun for Kayla!!