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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe!

Kyle turned the big 39 today. He really doesn't mind getting older. I wonder what his mid-life crisis will be? I actually would be surprised if he has one. His only quirk is tent collecting so the worst thing is I'll have to buy an army tent with a wood burning stove. Although he has a goal of building a teepee this year to take on the scout campouts. We shall see if he works that random thought to product.
Not a whole lot going on today, just watching the superbowl. We are hoping the Steelers win. Kyle's been a fan since we were dating. We've watched them go to the Superbowl several times since we've been married. I like watching the game, but my favorite is the commericals, they are so witty.
Happy birthday Kyle we love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle! He has such child-like qualities (and I say that in a good way!)that aging will not be a problem for him. He enjoys life too much to waste it being bummed out about growing older. I've always wanted a teePee! I thought when Jack's parents were alive that it would have be fun down there. I loved going in them at the Prairie Peddler festival every fall..go for it Kyle, if anyone can build it, you can!

  2. Hope Kyle had a great day, I always wanted an igloo............