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Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Works in the Volunteer Army

We went out the chapel tonight to put in the first of our two weeks of cleaning duty at the church. We worked for a couple hours cleaning tonight. I was thinking while I was scrubbing toilets, that my mom couldn't have dragged me into the church I grew up in to clean it as a teenager. But my son was washing windows, taking out trash, cleaning chalkboards, straightening chairs, and honestly...not even complaining that he was cleaning and his sister was at a basketball game. Sometimes, I really appreciate being in his presence. Kyle and I performed another type of service last night. We decided that we would try to attend the temple on Thursday nights since our weekends are so packed. We used to try to go every month, but lately every six was the reality. We went with our temple buddies Mike and Brooke Bryant and ended up with a van load when the Yates' joined us. That felt good to go.
Dakota was ordained a priest in the church a couple of Sundays ago. He is now old enough to bless the sacrament and not just pass it and set up the table. He blessed the sacrament for the first time last Sunday. He did not stumble or even appear to be nervous. It sounded like he had done this for years. Maybe a bit of maturity is setting in on the 16 year old.
Sometimes church life is busy and at times I do things begrudingly or with a chip on my shoulder. But, I always know that what I'm doing is going to help someone eventually. It just might even be myself.
We are an army of volunteer who love the Lord. (stole this slogan from a friend).... I can't think of a better place to be.


  1. So right, Stacy! It might be that you are helping someone or even Just your own spirit!

  2. Thanks for cleaning our building. I think many who go there forget how much that structure of brick means to us who had to worship at the YMCA until we could get a chapel of our own. Thanks go to Dakota...service learned early is good parenting along with his willing spirit! He's alowed to wear PJ's at Wal-Mart! (It's the adults that bug me!)Glad you were able to attend the Temple. Jack and I are going to get ourselves there soon.

  3. Service of any kind can only bring more love and light into the world.