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Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy Weather

We have had ice storms, blizzards and now flooding all in the month of February. I was traveling into work today on my own because Kyle was called in in the middle of the night due to the flooding. I stopped by Home Hardware in town to see how bad the flooding really was. This area is usually just a small trickle and defenitatly not flowing white water.

It was really gushing down the creek bed.

I worked for a few hours again getting my room back in shape. I got a lot more done. That has really taken a weight off my shoulders. I did not realize how stressed I was until some of the burden has been removed.
This was my drive home from school. I stopped to get the kids a sandwich and headed home on the back roads between Hayesville and the GoAsis area in Ashland. This is a creek that normally is just babbling, but today it was spilling over its banks.
Debris was being tossed around from further up stream.
It was spilling out into the farmland around it on the other side of the bridge.
It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the ditch was full of corn stalks from the field. Mud and muck was washed over the road.
I ended up having to take a detour once I got about 2 miles from Hayesville.
Cautions and warning were all over the place. I didn't drive all over Ashland like Kyle did today, but he said down by the Ashland Cemetary the waters were so high that cars were turned on their sides. By the water treatment plant where all this rushing water is headed, the road was flooded out. The plant is getting more water than they can handle.
The radio said people's basements are flooded, sewer lines are backing up; it is CRAZY weather month in Ohio.


  1. I had a hard time getting to where I wanted to go because the Fin road is closed, middle rowsburg is closed, and even 250 just past 89 is closed...so weird! I'm glad it's cold enough to slow the melting down a bit. Our creek is really roaring like crazy!

  2. Yep...same here...creek up and overflow all over! Don't float away!!

  3. This sure seems to be the winter that just keeps on giving. I hope you're all okay - high and dry.