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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get the Drift

We were out in the beautiful sunshine yesterday. Enjoying the heatwave of 38* and getting our Saturday chores done. We were out driving on our cut across road from Hayesville to the GoAsis in Ashland. The country roads were really drifted.
This one was huge.
The drift was taller than the kids.
What a great day to be out in the sunshine, soaking up some rays, enjoying the laughing kids and feeling alive. Life is good when you let it be!


  1. Yep..we were out in your neck of the woods today and I saw the drifts! Chelsea's road by 30 is sooooo rough from all the ice and melting!! The sun felt just great...hopefully the rest of the week is the same...yeah!!!

  2. So true! I love what you said, "Life is good when you let it be!" Hope to see you in the summer!

  3. Yes, I actually sat out in the sun in the driveway...it's silly, but I pretend it's the ocean I hear and not the melting ice dripping! Whatever...it was a wonderful weather weekend!