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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sacred White

White. The color of sacred purity. I am tired of the snow with the rest of us, but I was thinking about it. I love the color white, I just wish it was not associated with being cold. Kyle laughs at me when I buy white shirts...they usually end up with a blop of yellow mustard or red ketcup or brown chocolate ice cream...I'm really bad about getting the stains out.
Then I got to thinking about purity and cleansing. Heavenly Father is cleansing the earth, cleaning the air, giving the ground a chance to sleep. Refilling the rivers, oceans and lakes. Slowing us down, giving us something to work for together, shoveling, laughing, cuddling....
Magical, white snow...


  1. Cool pic, for a minute I thought it was my house! You're right about white. It is a magical image. White sand is nice too..and warm...and especially beautiful when framed by blue water. Just sayin'

  2. I thought it was Yaya's house too!!lol
    Good way to think about snow, Stacy and your sentiments are good! I'm with Kath too, though...white sand sounds great!!!

  3. I love white, too. I think you can never have too many white shirts. Great words about the snow. I'm still really really ready for warmth and all the other abundance that comes with spring. :-)