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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Driver

Kota did it. He passed his driver's test Saturday. He took his test after the BMV closed, so we had to get his license today.

He was a bit bummed that he had to wait two more days to be able to drive without us. But he endured those days well.

He can now drive without his parents, so we moved to the backseat and let him drive us around tonight.

Kyle looks a bit grumpy giving up the driver's seat, but he was happy.

No more worrying about getting the teens everywhere they need to be. Now Kota can help with the running. Bittersweet, time of life. It's fun watching them grow, but I hate seeing them approach adulthood so soon. I never realized 16 years could go by so fast. It was just 16 years ago he was driving us crazy with colic.

Kota getting his ride ready to take his little sis to cheer practice. (Sigh, sniff, sniff)

I guess they all grow up sometime.


  1. It takes extra courage to let him fly in the winter months! Good Luck Kota and watch those speed traps...Good luck to Mom and Dad too..if you can survive the higher premiums!

  2. Congrats Koda...we'll all watch out!!! (I remember those days!!)

  3. Another of life's steps. Best of luck to you all. :-)