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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Retreat and Learning

Most of the days of the year I spend my life with children of poverty. Those children come with a lot of baggage and a lot of learning disabilities. They come expecting that we provide everything they need, including the pencil and paper. What I never realized in college was how much entertaining that I would do, just to get a lesson through to the students. All the hours I would spend to find alternative ways to teach the same concept to 28 different children. Most days I love it! Somedays all my buttons are pushed and I feel all dried up with my bag of tricks.
That's where the winter retreat has rejuvinated my creative juices. I spent the last two days in Columbus at the Hilton Easton Hotel.
I am not sure why the people who put on the conference choose such grand places for us to learn, but it is fun while we are there.

My partner Suzie and I spent the last couple of day learning about how to meet the wounded student, how to reach the child that sits in his chair upside-down and backwards; the kids who challenges the color of the sky; the gang leader; etc.
All of this in little 'ol Ashland--You betcha! Now I have a lot of work to do at getting the winter blahs out of my room, so let the learning begin!

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  1. I've stayed at that hotel a couple of times with a conference Jack has had in the past..across from Easton I think. Since I'm paying for part your room..as a taxpayer..you can thank me when you get back! Just learn alot, OK? And drive careful when you come home.