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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nature Calls

Me (walking in the door after having a meeting cancelled): We are so going for a walk tonight.
Hubby: Okay in 20 minutes after this show is over.
Me: okay I need to eat my sandwich anyhow and change out of my dress clothes.
20 minutes later....
We went on a winter hike. After all 40* is a heatwave lately. We drove over to Byers Wood (aka: Ashland County Landfill) which is a few miles from our house. They converted the full landfill into a park-like setting which has some mild hiking trails.
We saw this great old barn. I love the silo.

Kayla and I taking a bit of a breather. Stomping through the ankle-deep, crusty, icy snow was a nice workout. Plus, I got to put off grading papers for interim reports just a bit longer.
Show-off! Kyle was out on the ice showing Kayla and I it was safe enough to come out an join him. Neither of us decided that we would because we were about a mile from the car and didn't want to risk going back soaked with freezing pond water.
The frozen pond was fun to look at.
The sunset was beautiful.
We got to reflect on the day we had today as we crunched through the snow.

The white pipes are where the methane is released. If they weren't there you wouldn't know you were trapsing through a landfill. It was a lot of fun being out in the fresh air and soaking up the last of the days sunshine.
Kyle and I used to go hiking every weekend when we were first engaged. Nature often calls to our souls, to come out and play. I am always revitalized when we take the time to go out.
Thank you Father for such a great place to remember Thee by!


  1. Great day to do it....looks like you got a lot of vitamin D and had a good time!!

  2. Cool place...I've heard about it, but have never gone. Guess I'd better get my keister out there some time! Looks like a fun way to end a stress filled day..I think our whole surgery dept. should go..but I'd be tempted to push them onto the pond and hope it cracks...wait, that was evil Kathy talking...now I must repent.

  3. What a perfect way to end a day! It's amazing, isn't it, how time outdoors can make us feel so much more alive. Wonderful pictures.

  4. Thanks Stacey for praying for baby Caden!!